It’s October and in Upstate NY that means cold air, colorful leaves, hot cider, pumpkin spice, & Horror Movies.

This year I decided to take some Halloween favorites and organize them into their own collection called Halloween(Genre). I named it that way because I put the Halloween Movies (Michael Myers) into their own collection Halloween(Series).

While placing these titles into their own collection I remembered a recent feature added in the Plex web app and decided to give it a shot and after doing mass edits like this before, one at a time 😛, I’m super happy they added this.

How to Mass Edit Movie Tags

Start by opening up the movies section. I filtered to the Horror genre for a good start on narrowing down some Halloween favorites. Then hold down the Ctrl key and click on your first movie you want to tag.


Let go and click on

You’ll now see the movie highlighted with a check-mark as seen above. Now you can let go of the Ctrl key and click movies, to your hearts content, until you have all the movies you want selected.

Edit Pencil

Once you have all the movies you want selected go ahead and click the edit pencil on the left.


Edit tags

You’ll now have a window in the center of your screen, with the properties of the movies that you can edit in mass. Go ahead and click “Tags” on the left and add your collection to the movies as seen below.


That’s all folks

That’s all there is to it and if it seems to simple that’s because the wizards and witches at Plex expend copious amounts of black magic making it simple for us and I for one thank them for it. Especially knowing what it was like to edit tags before this feature was added.

Please share if you found this useful!