Not sure if you can handle the throttled speeds in Verizon’s new “Saftey Net” plans and want to try before you buy?

Or maybe you’re a web developer who would like to test your website’s performance on slow connection speeds?

Chrome has a built-in test method for you.

  • Open Chrome Developer Tools


  • In the Network tab click the drop down labeled “No Throttling” and click “Add”


  • Click the “Add custom profile…” button


  • Give your new Profile a name, upload speed, download speed and latency. In this case Verizon is saying that the “Saftey Net” speeds will be 128Kbps after hitting your cap so assuming upload parity (may be wrong) and 100ms as a “Regular 3G” latency this should give us a good idea of what we’re in for.


  • Save your profile and return to the debugging tools to select your new profile from the drop down menu


  • Leaving the Developer Tools window open go back to the browser screen and test websites at your new throttled speeds.



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More Info:

New Verizon Plans: http://www.verizonwireless.com/news/article/2016/06/verizon-transforms-your-wireless-experience.html