So no one else has to go down the troubleshooting path I went (Disable UAC, Disable Anti-Virus, Install as Admin, Install from Folder, etc.) here’s what worked for me to install Photoshop Elements 9 in Windows 10.

UPDATE AS OF 11-05-2019

It appears Adobe no longer offers a public link to the download of Adobe Elements 9. According to their instructions you need to contact their tech support to add your serial number to your Adobe account to get access to the download.


  1. Don’t use your original install disc
  2. Download the full installer from Adobe:
  3. Install & Enter your serial number.
  4. Enjoy!

Note: I was originally trying to install from my original CD and was getting an error¬†“Shared Technologies” and it would roll back the entire install. Presumably after trying to install “ElementsSTIInstaller” and failing.

P.S. This method also worked to install Photoshop Elements 9 in W.I.N.E. (1.9.7) on Ubuntu (15.10 Wily Werewolf). Although the install froze at “Installing Required Shared Technologies” (I think there’s a theme here) but I hit ctrl-c in the terminal I launched the “wine setup.exe” from and then was able to run Photoshop Elements and tested only a few filters on a photo (a.k.a. other things may still not work in W.I.N.E.).