If you can’t tell from my Blog tagline I like coffee.

However I’ve had trouble with heartburn (related to drinking coffee) and read at some point that there’s a cold brewing process for coffee that’s less acidic among other benefits.

I decided recently I’d like to try it out and I noticed that the “Toddy” brewer costs $40. I read the manual for the Toddy brewer online along with a few other posts about making your own cold brewed coffee at home without the Toddy and decided it’s not worth the money and I can do it myself.

So here’s my process (so far):

  1.  Pour 12 ounces of water into a mason jar


2. Place 4Tbsp of Coffee Grinds Directly into the jar.


3. Place lid on Jar & Shake

03051519594. Refrigerate 8-12 hours


5. Remove from refrigerator

6. Pour coffee into pouring-capable measuring cup

7. Rinse mason jar

8. Place coffee filter inside jar (pictured below)


9. Attach jar ring around coffee filter

10. Pour coffee back in (slowly) to filter


11. Remove jar ring & filter (I usually wring the last bit of liquid out of the filter being careful not to get grinds in the jar).

12. Dilute concentrated coffee in jar with equal parts hot (or cold) water (more or less to taste) and enjoy.