Software to Avoid: Boxee Ubuntu 64bit

Thinking it would be the one chance for my 64-bit processor to finally get use I went with Ubuntu 64-bit and Boxee only to find that Hulu (and several other internet shows) would not work.

Hulu at the least is a known issue for now and yes as you can well see I’ve been using Hulu desktop but here’s the amazing part. When I switched to Ubuntu 32-bit and Boxee 32-bit not only did Hulu streams play but they played at the native HD resolution for my tv (1366×768). Something Hulu desktop couldn’t even do at low quality. Effectively eliminating my need for Hulu Desktop and making a lot of the work from previous posts essentially another waste of my time :). The one thing I will give Hulu Desktop though was that it could resume where I left off where as Boxee can’t but I think I’ll blame Hulu for that anyways as they don’t play nicely with 3rd parties yet like Boxee.

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